Offroading Primer

India’s first 4×4 guide

What’s Offroading/XOL?

Offroading or Extreme Overlanding (XOL) are self-drive expeditions through remote lands that are inherently expeditionary in nature and pegged around self-reliance, adaptability, resilience and resolve. Historically, this domain evolved from the overland journeys from Europe to Asia and Africa, where intrepid adventurers travelled the globe on terrain they did not know, mingling with cultures they had no idea about, while taking uncertainty and ambiguity in their stride. Over time, the tribe has increased, developing into a category in itself. These expeditions are different from mere road trips or overland drives on highways. They are offroad trips rooted in the unknown and involve terrain that is remote, extreme, bereft of creature comforts and luxury. Given the sheer nature of such journeys, they are premised on the fact that vulnerability, being out of comfort, seeds the beginnings of self-growth wherein learning, unlearning and relearning is part of a never-ending loop that makes you not just a better driver but a more balanced individual. 

Driving Notes: 10 Commandments

On an extreme overland drive, discipline is key. You maintain your vehicle, and the vehicle will see you through terrain, weather and distances effortlessly. The success of your offroad drive hinges on how well you maintain your vehicle. Here are 10 Commandments you must follow: