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Welcome to Nagaland Offroad

Nagaland Offroad is the first-of-its-kind initiative by Nagaland Tourism to promote off-road tourism in the state. The project has been executed by extreme overland pioneers Wander Beyond Boundaries.

Blessed with incredibly beautiful but challenging terrain, a land that is steeped in authentic tribal culture, Nagaland is all set to emerge as The Offroading Capital of India. Nagaland Tourism has embarked on a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote Offroad based Tourism. With an aim to spread the tourism footprint beyond the known hubs of Kohima and Dimapur and capture the vibrant landscape and unique culture in the interiors, Nagaland Offroad is the one-stop-shop for the discerning traveler who relishes exploration and the sheer experience and unadulterated truth of remote area travel.

Nagaland Offroad has curated unique offroad trails district wise to enable the travelers tp plan their independent travel in the hinterlands. To facilitate this entire end-to-end process for interested offroaders and travelers, Nagaland Offroad has launched a unique first of its kind offroad guidebook, a mobile app and this website. Routes have been curated district wise and organized basis difficulty level.

Self drive Nagaland is an allied service for discerning travelers. You may hire out any of our 4×4 off-road ready vehicles for self drive to explore the state in your way.

The routes and trails curated have been mapped out thoroughly and will be a unique way to experience the land, its people, and their lifestyle. Be warned, this is for ONLY self reliant, outdoorsy travellers (not tourists) who are game to face up to the rigours of remote area travel.

Besides the option of embarking on one’s own self-planned itinerary, Nagaland Offroad also conducts self-drive expeditions from time to time for enthusiasts. These are curated itineraries that are highly experiential in nature and provide a unique window into lives and lifestyle of tribes across the state.

How does this work?

Nagaland Offroad has curated routes and organized them both district wise and by level of difficulty. Self drive Nagaland offers offroad ready 4×4 vehicles which you can hire out. You may read up about routes, trails, places, hire a vehicle from us and plan your trip.

What is Extreme Overlanding or XOL?

Extreme Overlanding (XOL) are self-drive trips through remote lands that are inherently expeditionary in nature and pegged around self-reliance, adaptability, resilience and resolve. Historically, this domain evolved from the overland journeys from Europe to Asia and Africa, where intrepid adventurers travelled the globe on terrain they did not know, mingling with cultures they had no idea about, while taking uncertainty and ambiguity in their stride. Over time, the tribe has increased, developing into a category in itself. These expeditions are different from mere road trips or overland drives on highways. They are offroad trips rooted in the unknown and involve terrain that is remote, extreme, bereft of creature comforts and luxury. Given the sheer nature of such journeys, they are premised on the fact that vulnerability, being out of comfort, seeds the beginnings of self-growth wherein learning, unlearning and relearning is part of a never-ending loop that makes you not just a better driver but a more balanced individual.

What can you expect?

Nagaland is a treasure trove if self-reliant travel is your game.The state has limited conventional tourism infrastructure beyond the known hubs of Kohima and Dimapur. That said, it is blessed with incredible natural beauty, plenty of remote tracks and trails, and some of the most welcoming and hospitable people await your arrival. Given this reality, you should prepare for least comfort, but an extremely authentic and satisfying experience. Dusty tracks, sections of slush, steep inclines, forgotten. roads, nondescript rivers and streams are what you will encounter.


“Nagaland is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Some of the warmest and most welcoming people inhabit remote corners of this state. Our culture is unique, and our folk performances have captivated the attention of tourists and travelers for many years. We would now like to enable people to explore the remote corners of the state, experience the culture and hospitality by mingling with the locals. Given how inaccessible some parts are, 4×4 based travel is the natural choice. We realize that there is a huge community of offroad enthusiasts all over the country. We want you to know that many hundreds and thousands of Nagas in little and big hamlets strewn across the hills of Nagaland are waiting to welcome you. I take this opportunity to invite every offroader and traveler to soak in the bounty that Nature and the people of the state have to offer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

Neiphiu Rio,
Chief Minister, Government of Nagaland

“When I flagged off the WBB 4×4 expedition in Dimapur on 12th Oct 2021, I did not realize how impactful it would be. When I saw the pictures and read what the participants had to say about the state, that’s when it hit me about how much this medium has to offer. I am extremely happy that travelers were able to reach some of remotest pockets in the state. It is heartening to see how they have been welcomed by the local people. We, as Nagas do not lack in any aspect when it comes to culture and hospitality. Yes, connectivity and roads have been an issue. But by promoting such niche offroad-based travel, we have come a long way. This medium will help serious travelers reach far-flung areas with ease. Remote Nagaland is beautiful; I invite people to travel to the interiors and see for themselves the beauty and diversity that the state has to offer.”

Khehovi Yepthomi,
Advisor, Tourism and Art & Culture, Government of Nagaland

“Nagaland has some of the most challenging and unmapped roads and tracks in the country. Currently tourism is limited to Kohima, Dimapur and areas surrounding these two major hubs. The Government of Nagaland is keen to expand the tourism footprint and take it to the interiors for the benefit of both travelers and local people. We believe offroad travel can serve as an apt medium to explore the interiors of the state and will help propel economic activity in these remote pockets. It would involve tracks and mud alignments connecting villages and towns across the state. 

However, given the terrain, wilderness and road situation, we chose to convert the perceived disadvantage of bad roads into an opportunity, and supported Wander Beyond Boundaries on this path-breaking exploration of Nagaland. For the benefit of all potential offroad enthusiasts and travelers, WBB has mapped out all possible 4×4 trails in the state for the Government of Nagaland. After a year of travel, this info is being made available as an offroad guide, website and app. We are certain that the state will soon emerge as a favourite for those who want to explore remote lands and culture.”

I Kitto Zhimomi,
Commissioner and Secretary Tourism, Government of Nagaland