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Your next offroad adventure begins here.

If tropical jungle, slush & mud, remote mud tracks, driving on ridges and rallies – excite you, then join us on this exciting, tough, yet hugely insightful drive on tracks and trails in the hinterland of Naga Land. Besides the sheer geography and road, this land is also home to manytribes like Konyaks, Chakesang, Pochury; quaint folk culture, exotic cuisine and more. Nagaland offroad is an Offroader’s delight, a cultural spectacle & a true-blue opportunity to return to the basics, all this- while enduring the challenging drive daily.

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Self Drive Nagaland

Hire a 4×4 from Self Drive Nagaland to plan your own adventure. Offroading through Nagaland at your own pace with one of our rental 4×4s is the ideal way to explore the state. You may plan your own self-drive trip, by sifting through the many routes that have been curated. The routes are also graded by level of difficulty.

India’s 1st 4x4 Offroad App

India’s 1st 4×4 offroad mobile application that is info-on-the-go for every prospective traveller who wishes to visit explore the Hornbill state. Built for Android (iphone version development in progress), it is a ready reckoner with routes classified both district wise and basis difficulty level. 46 routes across 14 districts have been mapped out to aid navigation for the end user. Additionally it also contains a listing of useful contact info, places to stay and sights to see. In a state where most roads are not recognized by google, Nagaland Offroad app is perfect to navigate the remote interiors of the state. Most importantly, the app functions offline making it your best ally as you plan your next adventure in Nagaland.

India’s 1st 4x4 Offroad Guide

India’s first 4×4 guidebook decodes Nagaland with primers on offroading and the destination, with helpful sections like Know Before You Go and Travel Essentials. A comprehensive capture of routes, where to stay, what to see, shop and experience it provides for a thorough understanding of what extreme overland travel in the state with entail and help you plan your trip by giving you relevant contact info.

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