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All You Need To Know About Nagaland's Unique Initiative To Promote Off-Road Tourism

Most off-roaders find dirt tracks, rock crawling, and fording rivers the most exciting, and they are always looking out for such adventures. For them, Nagaland has some exciting news to offer. The north-eastern state’s tourism department has started a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote off-road tourism in partnership with Wander Beyond Boundaries (WBB), a pioneer in the field of extreme off-roading and first-of-its-kind expeditions, to curate Nagaland Offroad. WBB will give the Nagaland tourism department expert research-based advice in geography and technology to plan off-road trails.

Nagaland launches unique initiative to promote off-road tourism

Nagaland is all set to develop as the off-roading capital of India. As per the reports, Nagaland Tourism has started a first-of-its-kind initiative to promote offroad-based tourism, and has roped in Wander Beyond Boundaries (WBB) the extreme terrain travel pioneers to curate ‘Nagaland Off Road’ and turn it into a reality.

Commenting on the initiative, Kitto Zhimomi, Commissioner, Secretary, Nagaland Tourism said that the intent is to use the vehicle of Nagaland Offroad to create livelihood for the people living in the interiors.

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